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"You must love the work, not the idea of being a doctor. Enjoy the training process and seeing and doing things for the first time - delivering a baby, doing your first lumbar puncture, holding the hand of someone when they are dying. It is the most amazing and rewarding work and the more you give, the more you receive. We are privileged."

Dr. Holly S. Andersen, Attending Cardiologist and Director of Education & Outreach at the Perelman Heart Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center (via nymedshow)


what real mens activists look like (see more here)

For my pharmacology exam….

For my pharmacology exam….

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I’m scared so much from the pharmacology exam. Where is my knight who will save me from it?

"Life in the hospital is never the same from day to day, but one thing will never change – the patients will always be the greatest teachers. No textbook can ever teach you how to connect with patients or how to have hope even when you’re told it’s hopeless"

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"Do you love me?
I love you."

Tomorrow I’ll start my surgery practice on the nephrology department. :))) I’m so curious, and I’ve to repeat a lot. 


Here’s a quick and dirty video on how to use a needle (a really big one) to decompress the chest. Piece of cake!

It was AMAZING!!!
Breathtaking movie with great actors, wonderful pictures and perfect music all the time. 

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